Letter from CB Richard Ellis


James Alan is the Security Company for Cingular. I don’t manage the security contract for Cingular so I’ve never had any contact with the company before. I was assigned an unusual project for a Cingular building and I needed some last minute security.
When I called the Cingular team for their security contact info, they raved about “James Alan Security” (Cingular NEVER raves about any vendor) and they asked me to call them direct. 

This was my first time dealing with James Alan Security and I wanted to tell you about the level of service I received.

I called James at 4:30 pm on a Friday asking if he could get someone to watch some picnic tables that wre not secured in cement yet. Cingular had just spent $5K on these picnic tables and they were worried that someone would walk off with them (The building was in Miami and it’s happened before).

The cement vendor could not do the install due to the rain. On top of all this (short notice, after hours, no idea how long will be needed) it was super bowl weekend, so I thought I would have a difficult time finding a guard.

James called me back within a half hour. He had someone that would be on site at 9:00pm as requested.

At 8:45 that night James called to let me know the guard was on site. I never had a vendor give me a courtesy call like that before. The next day James called to say the guard was relieved at 9:00am (Cingular workers were on site) and he wanted to know if I would also be needed for all day & night Sunday as well.

Again, James called every day & evening with an update that the guard was on site. I was incredibly impressed. Its obvious James Alan Security has staff readily available. They were reliable and very professional, and the follow up service was amazing.

Nellie Mazur