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One of the most successful cases solved by James Alan Security & Investigations was a multi-million dollar, rare art case out of the St. Louis, Missouri area. The art pieces were extremely rare and created by artists such as Pablo Picasso, William De Kooning, Mark Rothko, Milton Avery (dubbed the American Matisse), Ukranian cubist sculptor Alexander Archipenko and many others. The owners of the rare stolen art contacted James Alan Investigations in reference to our investigative services.  JAS agreed to conduct the investigation of the rare stolen art work and investigators were sent to St. Louis, Missouri with the hopes of locating the pieces. Within four days of arriving in St. Louis, our investigators had located several of the art pieces and had photographed them inside a private residence in a suburban home in Missouri. We also found several of the key individuals who had stolen the art work and sold it to several art galleries and private citizens in Missouri. JAS investigators were able to bring this information to local Missouri law enforcement and FBI. The art work was returned to our clients and the thieves plead guilty to federal charges. The owner of Layne Consultants International quoted to a Missouri newspaper that "Art work that is typically stolen, disappear into a private collection and are never seen again. It's rare that they're recovered as quickly as these were."  The rightful owners, our clients, said "If it was not for James Alan Investigations, our life savings and retirement would have been gone forever. We could not have done this without the help of you. Thank you."

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Actual night vision surveillance pictures provided by Investigator,   James Alan Anterio

Actual night vision surveillance pictures provided by Investigator, James Alan Anterio

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Private Detective James Alan Anterio has solved several High Dollar Art Thefts. 

Private Detective James Alan Anterio has solved several High Dollar Art Thefts.