Letter from Head of large Wireless Company


I wanted to share with you information on a security service that is a
national contracted vendor with a large Wireless company and whom I use in GA. We were experiencing numberous amount of robberies and didn’t want my store managers to be alone in a store in the middle of the night totally vulnerable and alone.  I spoke to Joe C., Security Director asking him to recommend a company that would come out and stay in the store and we decided to use James Alan Security. 

My managers have been instructed to call James Alan toll free number as soon as they get a security call requesting a guard to meet them at the store and every time his guards are on site in an hour allowing my
managers to go home after the police leave.  The guard is there when the janitorial crew comes to clean up debris and  the glass company to repair the broken glass.  It is such a comfort to all of us knowing we can depend on such a reliable source as James Alan.  

His company comes highly recommended by CW Security as his guards were 24/7 at our Cingular locations during Katrina and provides services to Florida, GA, KY, St.Louis and Chicago to name a few. 

I thought during the bad weather you were experiencing in St. Louis you
may have need of overnight guard service with power outages etc. In GA, I also use James Alan in my larger stores during the holidays, another service you may want to consider.  

Below is contact information should you want to use his services.


A-2400130     B-2400106